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Still tired yet recovering

Welp, I think I should enter the time warp machine and dial it back a week or so. I ended up going to betacon and it was pretty much a disaster. The people running it were pretty happy with the attendence which basically meant that something like 125 people actually payed to get into the place. That sounds pretty pathetic by my count but apparently it is a nice and respectable number for a first year con.

The problem really started when of those 125 people, I would wager that 95% or thereabouts were either RPGers or LAN players. This more or less meant that the board/card game room was an elephant's graveyard most of the time. I'm pretty sure I saw a couple of tumbleweeds roll by. There were using around 4 GMs in there at a time and I can only remember a handful of periods where we didn't outnumber those in there looking to play a game.

I had something like 4-5 KB events scheduled to run and not a single blasted one actually went off. I spent most of my time in that room just twiddling my thumbs and every once and a while playing a pickup game with the other GMs bored out of their minds. It was pretty much the exact opposite of the problem with ubercon. There it was too few scheduled events and too many people. Here it was a plethora of scheduled events (enough so that I doubt 1 in 8 actually went off) and no one to play in them.

The only plus side of the whole experience is I got to walk off with a good amount of swag. Steve Jackson games apparently provides pretty good prize support for their games run at cons, enough so that I'm thinking about setting up HenryCon to take place in my closet one day and consist of nothing but SJ games. Since most of the games never ran, this left a big box of swag that matt, the BG staff guy, didn't want to have to haul back home. This meant that I picked up copies of the dork tower game, burn in hell, frag with first expansion, and some other little things. I'm not sure if it was worth the wasted time, the 10 dollar fee, plus the cost of gas for traveling all that way twice a day....but it certainly made it a more palatable thing.

I also ended up meeting a few people at the con who manufacture their own gaming accessories and I offered to drag a few of their products to socal to show around. Only one took me up on the offer and the other was a bit haughty and propriatory about the whole thing. If you want to see what he and his friend sell, their website is at: Initiative Trackers.

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