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Holy crap the neighbors must be pissed

It's always amazing how each year it seems people take the next step to make their halloween or christmas decorations that much more spectacular and in a way, grotesque. I mean, there's a point at which the excess just becomes so blinding that it's hard to watch. I dunno if the guy who put together this christmas display at his house was entered in some sort of contest or something, but if he didn't win, I MUST see the house that did. Jesus on a pogo stick, can you imagine what his neighbors must be thinking? Even if he only played this thing once a night, I'm surprised the lynch mob hasn't shown up at his door.

Still, it's cool as hell and certainly would be something to visit as long as you didn't have to live next door to it. Supposedly the guy is some sort of programer who has the entire timed display hooked into his computer. This must've taken serious time and effort.

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