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Turducky front and center

Well, thanksgiving went over okay though due to sleep deprivation I didn't get to the whole event until around 3 or so and then spent a part of it dozing after dinner. Thanks to the fact that ESPN was running the entire 2005 world series of poker championship as a marathon, I spent around 4 hours finding out that an aussie newcomer won the event, the first foreigner since 2001.

In the end, the turducken was a bit of a disapointment, though I'm not sure how it could have failed to be really. I guess it's just a case of what happens when your expecations are just too high. It seems that they didn't actually stuff a boneless duck inside a boneless chicken and then into the boneless turkey. Rather, it seems more than chunks of duck and chicken were stuffed in there with a crapload of seafood jumbalya. I was really hoping to see more definitive layers in the thing. Still, it wasn't bad and I'm very glad I didn't order two of the damn things since half of the first is still sitting in the fridge. Only a small portion of the turkey was consumed and in general, I think what happened is that most people ended up filling up on snacks and crap before the meal even started. God knows that I didn't seem to eat much of anything before becoming stuffed to the gills.

I've got some pictures of the turducky (as my mom calls it) after it was cooked and then when it was sliced in half. I'll try to pop those pictures up at some point over the next day or two. Right now, I'm trying to decide if there's anything I want from a black friday sale that would make me want to go out and wait in line somewhere. There are some really nice deals around but most of the crap would be useless to me. Even if I picked up video games or dvds, I'm pretty sure I woudln't actually watch or use either for months or maybe even years to come. Walmart has a nintendo dx for only 50 bucks, but I still have a gameboy color somewhere with craploads of games I never even tried. I need to learn to resist deals where I get a great price for something I'm never really going to use. That being the case, I'm not sure there's anything I should buy, even though I could very easily be up in time to trek out there and be in line. Maybe I should take a closer look at some of the sale circulars and see if there's anything at all worth snagging.

It's really too bad that there aren't game/hobby stores with tremendous savings. I'm pretty sure I woudln't get around to playing anything I bought there but at least I'm pretty sure I would enjoy it more. The closest thing I've found so far on that front is some store that offers something like 25% off, and I'd be an idiot to pay 25% off retail with tax added on to boot.

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