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Selfishness is the way to go

So at the game day we got to discussing Ayn Rand at one point. Never having read any of her books, I'm not even sure exactly how we veered into the topic. As it was explained to me, she seems to advocate some sort of libertarianesque philosophy that puts the focus on self-interest and against things like volunteerism. The arguement seems to be that there's never really any true altruism, and when you do crap like volunteer, what your effort means is that it's less likely someone will get paid to do the same job. Certainly I find I can swallow this more than that socialism bullshit on the flip side. If you can't fight human nature, maybe sometimes you should just go with it and see what happens.

Anyway, most people there seemed to disgaree with the philosophy and Bill mentioned that in the case of something like my volunteering with Playroom he might be willing to make an exception. Having told them of my contact problems and the like in addition to how I've tried to run demos in the face of some irksome obstacles, their take on it in general has been bafflement that I bother to continue with no real upside to be had. Well, ha-ha! says I. After a successful socal with them, I also happened to get a little thank you card in the mail from Jeff. It was a nice touch and all. (Yes, apparently I sell out for cheap) They were also aparanting shifting the whole demo program to a new hire's responsibility so I'm hoping that from now on things will shape up and steam ahead.

Anyway, this is more of a placeholder than anything else. I'll try to start those socal recaps sometime tonight. I had an entry all tapped out yesterday about NAMBLA and harry potter but a momentary loss of power wiped the whole thing. I'm still trying to decide whether it's worthwhile to try to ressurect it.

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