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Thanksgiving pictures

Welp, from a chronology point of view I guess I should do the whole socal pictures first, and maybe I'll get to them right after this, but it's a bit daunting to start that mess. It's the difference between having 8 pictures to caption and 77 of them. Even broken down by day it's going to be a bit of work. Anyway, here are the pictures from thanksgiving.

I actually didn't take all that many pictures since I spent most of the day watching the world series of poker on ESPN instead of walking around with the camera.

So lets cut to the chase. This is what some of you have been waiting for, and the rest would just be crap no one cares about. Here's the turducken. Pretty, eh? It looked pretty impressive overall and I had very high hopes for it. It also didn't take very long to cook but that's no real surprise. I mean, it's boneless. Shelley had (mis)heard on tv somewhere that it took 8 hours to cook one of the damn things. I can see how it might take 8 hours to prepare one considering all the deboning and stuffing involved and then to cook it, but even if the thing was one giant solid bone with a chunk of meat in the very center it wouldn't take 8 hours. In the end I think they had it in there for something around 2-3.

There was of course the normal turkey. I sometimes wonder if the reason I don't really care all that much for white meat on turkey is my mom's special way of preparing it when we grew up. That pretty much entailed defrosting the turkey and then stuffing it into the oven to cook for however many hours while never bothering to do anything else. Nowadays I see all this crap on the food network about people injecting their turkeys with giant syringes full of oil and crap, or putting stuff under the skin or just baisting the damn thing. None of that for my mom. The turkey usually ended up so dry that I'll bet it could soak up twice its weight in water.

And here's everything all together. The gravy was pretty nasty but then again, I'm used to that thickened brown gravy that looks like it either came from a jar or KFC. This gravy was thin and burnt tasting. Blech.

Here's the turducken sliced in half. I was quite disapointed when I realized that they didn't really have a duck stuffed in a chiken stuffed in a turkey. I guess i can understand why....I mean the labor involved must be pretty intense just to debone a single turkey much less 2 smaller birds and then stuff them into one another with layers of rice in between. So in the end, it just had large chunks of duck and chicken floating around in there instead of discrete and discernable layers.

How's this for a picture that you normally wouldn't want to see of yourself. But I'm sure shelley dosen't give a rat's ass one way or another. She immediately claimed one of the drumsticks and tore on in.

Connie did the carving and while I don't have a picture of it, her husband jeff carved the turducken. The latter is harder to do than it looks. The thing had this tendancy to just fall apart if you looked at it funny. I mean, without solid internal meat layers, you were basically just slicing into rice half the time and didn't easily keep its shape.

This is the other reason I'm glad I didn't get a second turducken. Well, actually it might be the third. The first two being I was sorta dispoainted by it and we had around half of the damn thing left over anyway. It's been so long since I've had thanksgiving at home I forgot that the meal usually ends up being split into two parts. There's the americanized version which looks a lot like the meal most whitey familes consumed and then there's the chinese half which entails a hotpot. The kids (and by that I mean my age and lower) tend to stick with the turkey while the older group goes for the hotpot.

Here's Kayla helping herself to some of what was stewing in there. I didn't even get a taste of it since my serving of turducken and mashed potatoes was enough to push me over into satiated. I didn't want to push my luck and choke on my food and die. Besides, I'm not sure if hotpot offers any worthwhile attributes to gain anyway that would make it worthwhile.

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