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How do you spell idiocy? P-E-T-A

Those fucking morons are at it again. I don't understand why someone dosen't just go over and firebomb their headquarters. Someone needs to put a cap in their collective asses. In case you haven't seen their latest foray into suckage, apparently they put out a comic book for kids. Frankly, I thought it was pretty over the top when they were passing out buckets of blood and guts to kids and families to protest KFC a while back, but this might be worse, if less graphic. I'll let you judge for yourselves though. Behind the cut are some screen captures of the comic.

Well, this was the front cover of the comic. Can you believe this shit? I seriously don't understand how someone dosen't take a pickaxe to these fuckers. I can just imagine if a kid got a hold of this. Nightmares would probaly be the least thing to come of it. If you think the cover is bad, you should see the crap that's inside.

Un-fucking-believable. If I hadn't actually seen a peta spokesman talking about this comic and defending it, I would think it was some sort of parody/smear campaign. Surely no one would be stupid and irresponsible enough to print crap like this and then aim it at young kids, right? I almost can't find words to express how much I think whoever put this together should get punched in the face. "Keep your doggies and kitties away from him...they could be next!" The gall....

Remember kids, if your daddy is willing to go fishing, he might just bait you with candy and then drive a large metal hook through your hand.

So you're probaly wondering how the peta spokesman defended himself when confronted with this abomination. His take on it was that they focus grouped this 'comic' to kids and that every single kid thought it was wonderful and informative as well. Ya, I can see that one. Can't you? He also added that everything in there was scientific fact backed up by unquestionable research. Makes me wonder what fucking research lab reported that fish feel emotion and can be scared.

Something needs to be done about this group damnit. The government needs to declair it a terrorist organization or something and drop a MOAB on them.

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