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Behold, the power of swag.

Useless swag can actually come in handy. Gather around all ye boys and girls and I will spin you a yarn of a time in the distant past when obstinate swag collecting paid dividens.

Harken back to the days of gencon '05. After abusing the swag bag system, I had picked up all sorts of crap I was never likely to use. On the last day of the convention, they started dumping what was left over, letting people snatch up the oodles of generally worthless crap that remained. This included a box of sample card sleeve packs. Now, this was obviously put out by the company just to give you an idea of the designs they offered. After all, there's not much you can do when there were only 5 sleeves in a pack and each had a different design. Not daunted by the fact I was already carrying like 15 pounds worth of useless crap, I butted in and began snatching packs from the box, ending up with dozens. I went through the process of getting it and everything else home with little expectation it would ever be used. After all, I no longer played anything that might need card protectors.

But ah, the Gods of swag find a purpose in all things. No doubt they knew even then that months later I would foolishly readdict myself to CCGs by buying two booster boxes of the new Nightmare Before Christmas card game. Now, as I was sitting here sorting the cards and pondering what kind of deck to put together, the spector of card damage reared its ugly head. How would I protect these new cards so they weren't mauled? Why, the dozens of packs of card collectors of course! So I rushed straight away to the generic bag of swag crap and after opening 40 someodd packs, I now have enough card sleeves of one design for my NBC deck. Ah, the power of swag.

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