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Sucky sucky suck suck....

What does a vietnamese whore do?

Jeez. When I was writing the title I was thinking about how everything sucks. Sitting here in the dark romping through the dark side of my nature and wallowing in a destructive need to lash out. Then I look at what I typed and there was the Full Metal Jacket flashback. Sucky, sucky sol-ja boy. Me love you long time. Bleh. Pathetic. I swear, you can't even rant and rave sometimes because your brain takes a shortcut and wanders into la-la land. I guess I should just be happy some snippet of christmas carole or disney song didn't creep in there. Come to think of it...I'm sure there's something pathological in that. What songs constantly pop into my head? Christmas songs, children's songs, disney'd think I was a happy chipper cheery person if you simply followed me around and logged what I was humming whistling or singing to myself. Maybe it's because it's who I wish I could be, or maybe it's just a screen, a shield for the world though to protect it from me or me from it, only god knows.

I hate each and every one of you.

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