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Journey to Socal: Day 1.5 to 2

Well, just recapping the first day and a half sucked up well over half of the pictures so the rest should be pretty easy peasy. What I'll go through here is the rest of the wednesday before the con which is basically a recap of the stink and then the first day which turned into 'open gaming day' instead of one with actual scheduled events. I'm still quite pissy about that whole thing and the fact that gencon tried to hide it from the attendees. Even the people on the forum didn't realize how much they had been screwed until just a couple months from the event, meanwhile the administration is claiming that they had made the decision nearly a year ago. The idea that something that vital informationwise wouldn't have diffused out there without someone making a concerted attempt to keep it bottled up is ludicrous.

Anyway, on with the show.

So I have to say right off the bat that I thought the socal stink was pretty disapointing. I certainly wasn't expecting something to rival the one at indy. For one, there were less people attending and even less people to put it together. Still, the entire thing seemed more than a bit halfassed. It didn't help that I was feeling very disgruntled about leaving disneyland when there were so few other people around and thus, no lines. I figured if I just had another couple of hours I could have done most of everything I wanted to in the park.

So I headed back to the parkside with El where we met up with her posse. The Stink was being held in one of the convention hotels and we marched on over as a group. I had been told that the swag had been plentiful at last year's socal stink and was expecting a pretty good haul. Man, was that a disapointment. If you filled up a little bingo card with crap like finding another person in the room who has a brother, or who has a cat, or who drove to get there (bullshit like that), you would get a d20. WooooOOOoOoOOO. A whole d20. Now I can sell it on ebay and finally grandma can get that operation she's always needed. There was then a d20 rolloff for those who bothered to get a d20, I passed, and so one person walked up with like a dozen dice and that was it. Next there was a trivia contest of sorts where crap like what was the hitdice of a 1st edition d&d thief and the like. I spent most of this time bitching to anyone who would listen and making snide comments.

Having nothing better to do and by this time really kicking myself I didn't stay at disney, I flipped through a copy of the program book. Someone else pointed out to me that I was actually in the darn thing. It was my death outfit from gencon indy when I went to tracy hickman's killer breakfast. I had a buncha signs with me and that one says, support local death union 666. Spiffyness.

I also decided to take a picture of the Grixxer for mock after his blowup over not being able to find it in the indy book. It looks like it got a full page this time around though I imagine they had more than enough space to fill for the socal book so finding room wasn't really difficult.

At this point it came down to the generic raffle. I ended up getting lucky and having my choice of either a socal t-shirt with a giant picture of Bob on it or one of those gigantic mugs. Lets just say it wasn't a very hard choice.

After the rafflewhozit it was time for the awards. If it wasn't for a Brit who showed up, it would have been interesting to determine who got the traveled the greatest distance award. Frankly, it just shocked me that anyone actually would travel internationally just to get to socal, ecspecially since gencon europe just took place in the UK. I wasn't expecting anything yet still got the Hoarder of Tokens award. I always feel sorta weird when people comment on my tokens since I'm just a babe in the woods when it comes to some of the real hardcore MFs on the TD boards. Some of those people have dropped well over twice the amount of money I have and continue to buy and buy and buy.

It was then time for the nordic dice toss and I didn't even come close. I got great distance but the number didn't come up a '6' which basically meant I was out of the running right from the start. It's really more of a game of luck than one of strength or technique. Unless you can roll a '6' on the sucker, it's pretty much game over. Distance thrown becomes the tiebreaker more than anything else.

And that was pretty much the stink. The t-shirts hadn't been finished in time and so we were asked to jot down our mailng addresses and they would be sent along whenever they were done. Everyone was then going to head down to some resturant to have a meal but El's group was going to split off and go to the IHOP instead. They extended an invite and after some internal debate, I took them up on it. There hadn't exactly been much mingling in general, despite the crap party games and so I obviously felt more comfrotable with people I already, to some degree, knew. They left first and then a few minutes later I started my trek to the IHOP where I had eaten dinner the day before.

When I got to the resturant I glanced around and didn't see them anywhere. I figured they had probaly headed back to the hotel first and more or less collapsed on the bench chairs in the waiting area. I lay there for quite some time, wondering what could be holding the group up. I'm not sure exactly how long I waited there but at one point I asked the manager if there were any other IHOPs in the area. Turned out there was another one just a couple blocks away. Feh.

I trudged my way there just as everyone else had finished their meals and was about to pay the check. I wasn't all that hungry anyway, being more exhausted than anything else and I decided to just pass on getting something quick to eat or takeout. Back to the parkside and then bed.

I'll have to tack in the open gaming day with the next recap set. I'm pooped.

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