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You have chosen wisely....well, perhaps

So before I actually jumped into the NBC thing, I had been thinking about leaping into clout fantasy, another collectable game but with poker-like chips instead of cards. As much as I might rail against CCGs and other money sinks, I'm at core a collector. I went nuts collecting magic cards and then anime in the past and now board games and swag. Because of that, keeping out of CCGs is almost a defense mechanism since I know the dark path it leads to, but there's also a great thrill in opening booster packs and amassing rare whatchamacallits.

There were some advantages to choosing clout as a new game to get involved in. For one, I would be getting in on the ground floor. I've always regretted not finding out about MTG earlier and being able to pick up some of the rarer cards that are worth hundreds of dollars even now. It was also being put forth by a company started by Peter Adkinson, the owner of gencon which I figured meant that the game would have a lot of advertising and promotional clout behind it to attract new players.

In the end though, the downsides overwhelmed the positives and I'm quite glad that I decided not to dive in. There were production problems with the chips, requiring endless pushbacks to the release date. I couldn't get local game stores to even think of stocking the darn things, much less promoting them. The rarity breakdown for booster packs was unbelievable, requiring a purchase of something like 8 booster boxes before you even had a chance to complete a set. The game most closely resembled Pogs to the average gamer, and I can't think of a greater death bow. Lastly, I found I simply sucked at the game. It involved tossing the chips and then playing it out sort of like a mini-wargame of sorts. Whenever I tried to get the thing on the table during demos, it was most likely to spin and flop around to a random location or off the table entirely.

I was looking on eBay for NBC stuff and decided to do a search for clout while I was at it and it made be doubly glad I didn't get involved. There dosen't seem to be a real strong secondary market for any of these chips other than for promo and chase ones. You can usually judge the popularlity of a game based on the number of auctions on ebay and how many people bid. For a game backed with the people it has behind it, I was expecting more of a hoopla. Course, I'm not sure that I've made a great choice with NBC either, since it's certain to have less of a backing from a parent company willing to spend money and bully distributors. At the very least though, I like NBC. I figure by now I'd be bitching nonstop about clout had I decided to buy in.

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