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Forget the bible, wear a Masterlock over your heart

I'm sure everyone has seen some cop or action flick where someone running down the street is confronted with a fence that's been locked with a common masterlock. The person usually pulls out their handgun, blasts the thing off of the chain with one shot, and continues on their way. I found a website where someone decides to test this with a variety of guns. The guy's apparently retired and has not only a lot of spare time but a shit load of guns and people who like to send him different types of ammo for shits and giggles.

The Locks O' Truth

I figure Mock ecspecially might like this since I don't think anyone else is a gun person even in part.

There are also other links on the site to other experiments. You know, things like which type of bullet is best for penetrating the soft skull of infants and which calibur rifle makes the prettiest exit wound pattern when coming out of a puppy.

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