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Welp, it looks like I actually got banned off of a forum. I've had a few rocky relationships with mods and admins on quite a few but I've never actually been tossed off one before now. I just got a PM from the gencon people about it and POOF. I'm feeling more than a little bit pissed, but I'm trying to keep it all in perspective. I can't even begin to list the number of things that offend me about this, but in the end it's probaly just sophistry anyway. No clue what to do about it, if anything, so I'll try to just leave it alone for the time being.

No matter what happens though, I do sorta wish the last post had been something more profound, rather than about nascrag teams. Pffft, and here I had thought after socal that I had a pretty good relationship going with various people.

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