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mmmmm Jello

I meant to post about this after finding it but it instead joined the stack of links I find interesting but never seem to find time to pop into an entry. Behold....the entire city of San Francisco as rendered in Jello:

It's amazing. Click on the photo to be taken to the link where there are additional close-up shots of it. I can't even imagine the amount of time it must've taken to do this crap, ecsepcially if the pictures are representative of the amount of detail put in. I mean, the houses have even been made using molds that look like houses and not just little rectangular blocks or something.

I'm kinda curious what the heck they do with this thing after it's no longer being displayed. It's not like you could just plop it somewhere under glass and expect it to keep. With the height, I imagine it has to be pretty darn cool wherever it is or everything would just fall apart.

I also like how the entire city just ossilates in the video. Sorta like how the actual city would if it got a big enough earthquake going. The real city probaly dosen't have to worry about things trying to eat it though.

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