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Love em and leave em

So the flip side of having gone through all these various communities and at each step throwing myself into them is that it's often burnout that gets me more than anything else. There's usually no real gradual decline but just some sort of poof, and then I mostly never pop back. I never usually spent much time thinking about that, mostly because usually by that point I had gone on to something else that had engrossed my attention. Sometimes I ponder what the people that I once knew have gone on to in their lives, but by the time nostalgia really hits me it's usually way too frayed a social network to find out.

Out of all the people I knew on IRC back in the day, I still keep in touch with zilch. Well, barring the people I was friends with IRL first. Everyone else has more or less fallen by the wayside.

Out of all the people I knew on the mud, I still keep in touch with zilch. What precipitated my disenchantment there was that they were planning some major renevations to the code and there were a lot of catty bitchfights going on at the time. There were also rival muds springing up from people who had left the other and it was one giant soap opera. Once you failed to see those people on a more or less daily basis, there really wasn't a medium through which to communicate.

Out of all the people I knew on sissyfight, well, there it's only because of this journal that I keep in touch with the ones I only know online. I thought about adding LJ to the mix in the list up, but it's not really much of a group. A small community at best and not really a much thriving one overall. Still, it's nice to be able to comment back and forth to one another's entries, but I don't think I've stumbled over more than 3-4 people on LJ that haven't come from another community where I knew them first. So LJ isn't so much as a place to form a new community as much as it is a place to maintain connections. Sort of like IM'ing I would wager. I'm not sure I could handle new people anyway. That whole ASL?!?!? sort of thing drives me bonkers. Not to mention every other person on LJ and just about every single person on myspace is some angsty, emo teenager with emotional problems. They should all be forced to little badges which say that for easy identification purposes if nothing else.

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