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You just can't get rid of the Finnish

Drunk Finn Sets Norwegian Fine Record

Fri Dec 16, 5:00 PM ET

OSLO, Norway - A Finnish citizen arrested on a public bus while drunk and nearly naked has set an apparent record for unpaid fines in Norway, with an estimated 99 of them, police said Friday.

The man, whose name was not released, is known by police for his tendency to discard pieces of clothing as his level of intoxication increases, the Bergens Tidende newspaper reported.

"He has gotten up to 99 fines," police attorney Rudolf Christophersen told the newspaper. "In the (Bergen area's) Hordaland Police District alone he has $14,260 worth of fines. That must be a record."

The man, whom police said offered up five different identities, has repeatedly been expelled from Norway, but keeps returning.

In the latest incident, on Wednesday, police received a telephone call from the bus driver in Bergen, the main city on Norway's west coast, who said: "There is a naked, drunk, difficult Finn causing trouble on board."

Police found the man dressed only his underpants, and extremely drunk, and are seeking to have him jailed on charges that include indecent exposure, vagrancy, public drunkenness and failing to pay his outstanding fines.

Neither Christophersen nor Bergen police spokesman Trygve Hillestad could immediately be reached for comment.

I thought Khavi would enjoy the above. And here I thought norwegans had problems with the swedish and vice versa. Who knew that the Finnish had a piece of the action too. I'm assuming that hoards of drunken finland'ers streaking across the border isn't a usual problem or norway would have built a wall or dug a moat or something.

I remember reading somewhere about the large difference in the price of alcohol in the Scandinavian countries based on taxes...I think it was in one of Bill Bryson's books...and that how people would often cross the borders to buy their booze because of it. I aswsume that this might have something to do with the fact that this guy keeps ending up drunk in Norway perhaps. I imagine you don't normally find hoards of nekkid people there unless they've been drinking heavily. Too farging cold I figure.

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