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I'm dying....

But then again aren't we all. Life is one of those things that pretty much guarentees a 100% mortality rate. I imagine dying can't be that bad if you're given some time to prepare for it. Dying while out of breath and screaming bloody murder and being repeatedly stabbed dosen't sound overly pleasant but I think I could go for a nice natural death if I knew it was coming. And of course, all death is natural really, but I mean the kinda death that dosen't involve pants wetting terror or pain. The interesting thing is that even I knew I was going to kick in a week, I'm not sure I'd do anything all that interesting. I mean, I could basically follow the proverbial script from hollywood and do wild and crazy things in my few remaining days, but why bother. Does it really make my life more fulfilling if at the last moment before the flame extinguishes I bungee jump off the sears tower or go on a wild and crazy road trip? Hmm....

So what would you all do if you had a week left?

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