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Nightmare Before Christmas Tourney and yet more ban crap

So I got to play in my second nightmare before christmas CCG tourney today and it was pretty darn spiffy. There were 8 people in the event and I actually placed second. Woowoo! The only problem is at no point did I ever feel 'safe' with a win or got the impression that things were going all that well. I seemed to feel like I was barely managing to squeak by each time. The game has layers and layers of complexity in it, and unlike something like magic where 80% of the effort is constructing the deck, a lot of it here is in the finesse of how you actually play the deck. Things like play order is gargantuanly important and can have tremendous impacts on your score at the end.

In one way, this complexity is great. It adds a lot of depth to the game and even though it's a CCG, you almost feel like you're playing some sort of hardcore strategy boardgame. The downside is that you almost never do everything right. Even Andrew, the guy who designed the game makes these procedural flops (and in fact, his flops today allowed me to win against him and with a big enough margin to push me into 2nd place) and god only knows how many games he's played or how long he's thought about strategy. This basically means that you get to spend half the game browbeating yourself because you managed to flub something 3 turns earlier and wishing you could take it back. It seems almost designed to feed regret and self-recrimination at times.

Anyway, 2nd is spectacular considering that out of around 8 people I came in 6th last time. Even better, I have some ideas for deck refinement that I think will really help to add to the playability. I won 7 packs as prizes and scooped up _2_ more ultra-rare foil cards in them. We also each got to pick an UR foil just for playing and I managed to snag one that I had been missing. This means that I'm just one short of completing the set at this point. After 3 booster boxes and a mess of boosters, I have just about 4 of every single rare card too. I just need to find some people to trade with to complete the set.

Now on to the other thing. Frankly, I'm getting a little peaved at people who keep saying something (in regards to the gencon forums ban) like 'the only ones who know what really happened is henwy and the mods' or any sentiment to that effect. Everything I know about the situation I've posted in the various entries and that's it. There's no other hidden font of wisdom or knowledge somewhere. Sherilyn's little, 'yet you didn't tell us about the t-shirt thing' was also ridiculous since I did right in the entry state I wore the shirt and then in the comment to Khavi that I wore it to gencon. If I didn't fixate on that fact it's because I had no clue that it had anything more to do with the situation than any other piece of info. I passed over the PM I got to mock, and I can only assume he posted it because I gave him permission to. That's all I know about this crap as for their reasoning. I've also stated that at no point has any mod either in PMs or in person even mentioned the SSOTWWTLM to me. Hell, all of you following the forums probaly know better than I do WTF the actual reasoning was with the rumor mill in high gear.

The only thing I tried to leave out were specific individuals involved. I feel bad enough that I mentioned BRP in this whole farging mess and wanted him to pretty much stay out of it. As for everyone else, they can do as they please and there's no point to go digging that well. Other than that, everything I know is out there as far as I can recall. If you want any more information or insight, you can ask, but chances are there's nothing to tell past what I've already described.

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