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PETA Insanity Watch

Everyone should take a look at the news story here. It's a video clip from CNN about some PETA members and their recent run-in with the law. Now, some of you might think that maybe they were raiding research labs again, or throwing red paint on people wearing fur, or putting out even more wonderful comic books for little kids about how their parents are vicious butchers. Nah, it's SOOOOO much better than that. Would you believe that PETA members have been running around scooping up animals from sheltars and vets claiming they want to find them homes and then mass-scale killing them and tossing them into dumpsters? I shit you not. Watch the video.

In case the video isn't working out there's a text-news link here. It's insanity. It makes me wonder if it's like those nutjob family killers. The ones who reason that it's better their family should die than be without them so they do some sort of giant murder-suicide where all the kids are poisoned first. It must be better for the animals to die than if they had to subjugate themselves under the yoke of man as a pet.

I have no clue what these nutjobs are thinking but the numbers are pretty staggering. PETA kills 85 percent of the animals it takes in, and finds adoptive homes for just 14 percent. By contrast, the Norfolk SPCA, whose shelter is located less than 4 miles from PETA's headquarters, found adoptive homes for 73 percent of its animals in 2003. The fact that PETA dosen't seem to deny any of this and yet their supporters don't seem to give a damn is the real odd part. I can understand if they're just crazy, whackjob diehards who think that all animals should roam free in the wild far from any human being, but many seem to be pet owners and the like and PETA has stated its opposition to that quite a few times. Nutjobs.

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