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Too pooped to pop

I'm just tired and distracted lately. The whole forum thing and what snippets of it I see, or the email exchanges or all the other 'FoRuM DrAmA' as Khavi put it is just blah. I thought at first that it was just a blessing in disguise and I should take the oppertunity to get some work done. Yes, believe it or not I actually have things I should be doing lately. For one thing, I've got to take a massive 5 hour test in a little over a month and it's probaly going to chew me up and spit my ass out. Second, there are all sorts of applications and crap to sort through, statements to write, and materials to gather.

Since procrastination is my middle name, I have a tendancy to let everything slide until the last minute, and then scramble around trying to complete it while sporting a blood pressure that could crush alumunum cans. Add to that various holiday obligations and there's just a lot flying around in the air and I never could juggle. I also notice that during periods of stress I tend to sleep more. It seems like that's just my own personal reaction to things becoming chaotic.

Erf. Well, enough of this. I think I'll go off and actually try to memorize some more pages of facts and figures.

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