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Satanic Cat Watch: Day 973

How curiosity saved the cats

A patrol officer responding to a report of a suspicious package in Brooklyn walked gingerly toward an abandoned suitcase and let the cat out of the bag.

While he was at it, he let the kittens out, too.

Police were called to the case at 246 MacDougal St. in Ocean Hill just before 11a.m. yesterday. They found a closed piece of luggage that turned out to contain a 2-year-old gray Russian Blue mix and three kittens about 6 weeks old.

Officials credited a passerby who called police with saving the animals' lives.

"They were a little lethargic," said Melissa Manders, coordinator for New Hope, a program that houses animals with health issues or other special needs.

"But they weren't hurt."

The cat and kittens were taken to a Brooklyn animal shelter and are in the custody of Animal Care & Control.

They will be held for 72 hours to see if their owners come forward, and the kittens will be nursed for at least two weeks.

At that point, the feline foursome is expected to be available for adoption.

This was obviously a suitcase cat bomb. A weapon of concentrated evil carried by some agent of satan into the heart of New York and then set for the perfect patsy to come along and open it up. Isn't it odd that this unidentified 'passerby' just happened to wander by and call the cops upon seeing a discarded suitcase. It makes me wonder if this has anything to do with the satanic cat that visited france. Maybe it's spawning and sending tendrils of evil all over in the form of this suitcase cat delivery system.
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