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I hate the holidays

They suck. There's nothing more depressing than watching hoards of happy people running around spewing their joy and good cheer around with no concern who they might splash it on. Boiled in their own pudding with a stake of holly through their hearts might be a little too good for that lot. The holiday season was meant to be a dark and depressing time where reality fails to meet expectations. That's what it's there for.

Now, I guess kids can be excused if they're all happy and chipper. I mean, they're still crammed full of lies and idealism and believe that some jolly fat man is going to bring them presents. I'm sure this is compounded by the fact that they soon realize that Santa brings them the same goodies regardless of whether they pushed their sister into the mud or accidently set mommy's coat on fire while playing with matches. No doubt they come to the conclusion that Santa's omniscience is greatly exagerated or that perhaps there are no consequences at all. No wonder in 20 years or so Little Timmy can so easily be talked into transporting a half dozen bricks of cocaine in his car cross country. After all, if santa couldn't catch him at being naughty, what are the chances the state highway troopers will?

I really need to give drinking another try one of these days.

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