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Horrors like this wouldn't happen if Pacman owned a firearm. Now, I'm not bashing power pellets, but there just never seems to be one around when you need it. A good sawed off on the other hand can send Clyde (or whatever the name of the red ghost is) to his maker at any time.

This ad for Mortal Kombat was apparently banned in Britian. I was never a huge fan of the game and it more or less signaled the death of arcade games I enjoyed. After MK came out, everything was fighting games and I could never advance beyond button mashing. I gave up even trying when one day an 8-year old kicked my ass and then proceeded to tell me how I should have used the secret death combo super smash or whatever the hell it was. All I could think of was that I could take him in a fist fight any day.

Not nearly as cool as the idea for segway jousting, but I guess segway polo is sorta interesting. I kept waiting for someone to get clocked with one of the poles but no such luck.

It's a Wonderful Internet, people. I'm not quite sure this will become a yearly classic, but I thought it was pretty spiffy. I ecspecially like the whole popup book-like features. It gives it that nice antiquated feel.

It's probaly a bit disturbing that my first thought was that I'd like to take this car launcher in front of the various homes of people I don't like and launch honda civics at them. I imagine it might be quite a surprise to have someone shoot a car at you and have it come through your 2nd floor bedroom window. Man...I really want one of these now.

Alrighty, I've got more but I figured that was more than enough. Those of you without broadband are proably pissy enough as it is.

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