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Gencon Forums Waiver

Alrighty, since some people have written to ask about it, I hereby, with full cognizance of what I'm doing and in perpetuity et cetera, et cetera, waive any right I have for the mods and gencon to keep information about me confidential. Post it all over the boards. Release the secret emails. Unleash the incriminating photos and secret video/audio tapes.

Some have been asking if I requested it be kept quiet or something because I wanted privacy. Let me assure you that that is not the case. If the higher ups don't want to air out the dirty laundry, let it not be said that it's because of my desire for privacy. It'd be their decision based on whatever they've rationalized it on. I couldn't care less quite frankly.

So for those who have been interested, there you go.

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