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New Years Eve went off pretty well. Spent most of the day at the Bills playing games and scarfing swedish meatballs and other things. Halfway through their party I went off to visit Brian and his family. I had been planning to spend part of christmas with them but his wife had picked up a stomach flu that day and they decided to postpone the party aspect until yesterday. There was some gift giving and then I got to play some creepy game where a skeleton pops out of a treasure chest everytime you hit a monkey on the head and it sometimes snatches the little magnet whozit off of your piece. From a quick search of boardgame geek, it's apparently called Captain Bone's Gold. I'm be surprised if it didn't freak the hell out of some kids quite frankly. Large skeletons popping out of boxes to snatch at you would usually inspire boogleman fears I would think.

Anyway, I picked up an eeyore doll and a copy of the collector's edition of Mulan from Brian and his family. That makes it the 4th or 5th eeyore I've got kicking around the room somewhere. Randy also gave me a gift while at the Bills, the cast recording of Avenue Q. I'm really looking forward to popping that into the old cd player. It's apparently a musical involving muppets singing songs like 'The internet is for porn' and 'Everyone's a little bit racist'. It sounds like it's right up my alley quite frankly. In fact, words to action, I'm popping it into the computer's cdrom drive right now.

On a sidenote, I've got the Bowling for Soup song 1985 in my head going on repeat. Maybe it's just because it's another year dead and I'm just feeling sort of old. Part of me just wants to put it on repeat for a while or maybe dig through the mp3's and play nothing but 80's songs for a while.

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