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Hilarious. I was thinking about the whole getting tickets to more musicals and whatnot and trying to find people who would be interested. Meetup had found me various boardgaming people so I thought I'd put broadway into the search field and see what it kicked up. This was the only group it returned:

Gay Men's Theatre Meetup Group - New York City

Next Meetup: Thursday, Jan. 5, 7:00 PM in New York, NY

Meet with other gay men who enjoy plays in NYC. Take advantage of the wonderful opportunities that are on and off Broadway right now. A great opportunity to meet and socialize in a relaxed atmosphere. Group is forming now. Age range: 25 to 50

Hell, if stereotypes weren't usually true, no one would believe in them. Still, it makes it even weirder that none of the gay men I know are theatre people, so go figure. What other groups are cliched as going to musicals and plays? Old white women? I can't help but figure I'm just shit out of luck on this one. It's just bucking the trend too much to expect some sort of musical seeing group made up of a group I can join.
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