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How do I love me, let me list the ways

God these things are hard to write. Harder when you're actually writing them for yourself. I have someone I worked with who offered to write me a needed recommendation but didn't want to be bothered to actually write it himself. He more or less said I should draft something and then he would look it over and sign it. Erf. I guess most people would see that as a gift horse of sorts but for me it only makes it that much more onerous and difficult. I mean, I want to hew to reality and everything but I'm just not sure how to phrase things. I guess it would be too much to have me put on there that I taught him everything he knew and that in the history of truly great people he ranks me second behind Jesus or something.

Feh. Since it's something I don't feel comfortable with I've been putting it off and delaying and delaying until there's not much time left if I want to get the info to him so he can actually sign it and put it together. I told myself I would get it done sometime today and have it to him by tonight but I just feel bleh about the whole thing.
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