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Already better than 2005

Welp, it looks like 2006 is shaping up to be a pretty good year for the family already. My sister Connie's husband just picked up a 10k raise at work and my uncle who has been out of work and not looking for around 3-4 years now just got back into the game. He had been thinking about going in with some people he knew on a small buisness but decided it was going nowhere. Within just a month or so of searching for a 'real' job he got offered one for something like 110-120k a year. Not bad for someone who's almost 50 and been out of the work force for a good chunk of time.

I'm still in a holding pattern of sorts though on the whole medical side, I'm supposed to see a doctor on thursday about enrolling in a clinical trial. There's nothing experimental about the medication or anything, but they're doing off-label use for testing it on people who have my sort of problems. I'm not quite sure if I would be happier if I got in or if I were rejected for some reason. The darn med is administered through self-injection. That sort of freaks me out a bit since it's only relatively recently that I've been able to submit to shots or blood draws without freaking out and clocking someone, or at least threatening to. Having to jab myself in the stomach on a regular basis dosen't sound like a whole lot of fun quite frankly. I still remember the time I accidently jabbed myself with a needle meant for a rat in the stomach. That was very entertaining.

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