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Replacing brushes with breasts

Do you remember doing finger paintings when you were a kid?

Squeezing the paint from the tube all over your hands and then spreading it all over the canvas.

Di Peel has replaced traditional brushes, not with her hands, but with her breasts. Di says breast painting came about after a chance discovery on the internet.

"There was a woman doing breast paintings and her boobs where quite small. I emailed the article to a friend and then my friend said well if you think you can do any better you should have a go. So I did," says Di.

The bubbly artist told ABC North West's Sian Gard, there is a big market for breast painting.

"I think there is, I sold my first painting for $10, my second for $26 and now I have a consignment of ten paintings at $89 each"

So, what kind of pictures do Di and her breasts produce? "They're more like abstract flowers," says Di.

"But my latest piece, people say, looks like the earth from space. My son named it 'earthquake' because he thinks it looks like an earthquake."

But how dose a buyer know that they are getting the genuine thing.

"I sign every picture with my nipple" says Di.

You know....I thought I would like this idea. The image that rolled around in my mind seemed to be pretty interesting but then, I saw the picture attached to the news story.

Yes, yes, I know it's shallow and superficial and a whole buncha other PC words that probaly have feminists out stomping around in jack boots. I can't help it though. The idea of women running around painting with their boobs....I mean, who isn't thinking of some sort of thing where nubile young women are smearing paint all over themselves? Seriously here. It's like going to one of those draw a human nude art classes and finding out your model is a hairy 400 pound guy named frank.

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