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My Humps, your humps, everybody's hump humps

So I'm sure that everyone here is familiar with the Black-eyed peas song 'My Humps'. After all, if I've run across it, I'm sure that even infants have heard about it by now and can probaly sing along with the refrain. If you have been living on Pluto or maybe Xena and have missed it, here's an aol site that I believe plays the music video for you. It dosen't seem to work on my version of firefox so I can't verify it. If you want to just hear a clip to refresh your memory of it, you can try here.

Suffice to say the song is hideous. It's been labeled as being so bad as to veer toward evil and I have to say I agree completely. The worst part is that it seems to drill into your mind and do some sort of fandango on the prehistoric reptillian brain and there's nothing your higher functions can do to shut it down. It has earworm written all over it.

As bad as the song is, I think I found something even more terrifying that's based on it. I haven't found anything this cringe worthy in god knows how long. I can just see a new release of Sister Act 3 based on tunes like this. God's in the hizzouse.

BTW, I'm surprised at all the links I managed to squeeze into this entry. I usually bookmark interesting things I find for later use and I got to clean out a buncha stuff this time around.

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