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Stay on target. Almost there.....

Bleh. Procrastination sucks. It's getting close to the deadline where I need to finish the recommendations and CV and personal statement so I can ship off these flipping applications and what am I doing? Puttering around on here and other websites. I probaly spend 20 minutes fucking around for every 2 sentences I write that matter. The worst part is that the time squeeze just gets more and more imperative. I have to at least finish the last recommendation within the next hour so I can get a couple people to look it over and give me some feedback. The damn thing absolutely has to go out today if I can at all help it.

On top of that, the deadline is a hour for me to finish the draft because I have to go drive out to a hospital 80 miles away where the clinical trial is being set up. I mentioned it previously in another entry and this is the first session where they'll figure out my eligability and then subject me to indignities and jabbings with pointy things. I need to get there by 8:30am, pop back after the exam and crap and then, before the end of the day, wrap up the application package and mail it. Feh.


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