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Proximity detector needs improvement

Was out today studying for that farging test and decided to kick back and lounge about for a bit. There wasn't anyone around and so I popped on some headphones, flipped the mp3 player to avenue Q and was happily singing along with the soundtrack for the first few songs before I realized I had an audience. I hear there was a lot of snickering going on. It's just one of those musicals who if someone's not familiar with it, there's no easy way to come away from something like this without looking like a complete moron.

Other than that, I watched corpse bride last night and was unbelievably disapointed. It stank on ice. The songs were lackluster at the very best and the story was puketastic. I was hoping that it would almost be like an unofficial sequel to the nightmare before christmas, but this was such a poor effort that I'm happy to find there's no relationship between the two movies. I don't understand why they didn't at least put in some more effort to get a better score/lyrics. The plot was probaly always going to be a little strange given it was a Burton piece, but I was really hoping for a soundtrack that I would enjoy listening to.

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