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There probaly isn't a hallmark card for this sort of thing

I really have to jot these things down right after I wake up, but I just had a weirdass dream. It seems that usually I either don't dream at all or if I do, it's all the LSD-like weirdness jammed into one crazy pile.

In this particular dream I decided to buy something like 50 rats for my sister. I wanted it to be a gift for my sister, something to do with her wedding. So I went out and got 50 white rats and these guys were HUGE. They were like some of the study rats which get as big as 2 pounds a pop. For some reason, I had them all in a giant goldfish bowl. I took them home and they all escaped somehow. I had to get one of those steve erwin type people to come over and wrangle them up because they had scattered all over. For some reason, as we were collecting them (and I should mention at this point that he had a dog and both he and the dog had a hell of a time getting all the rats) we would put them back into the fish bowl, which for some reason was now full of water. As the last rat was put in, I added a heavy top and went to pay the guy for his effort. By the time I got back, I seemed to realize that rats might drown if you put them under water for a long period. Most of them had indeed drowned but at least a half dozen or so survived, apparently having learned how to breathe water or maybe they were simply able to hold their breath. So I had a whole buncha wet rat corpses and a couple live ones and to no surprise, I found my sister didn't want either of them. There was some drama with my dad, arguing about something or other involving me taking some sort of coins from his desk and then things shifted completely. Something about a guy who was a ruler's military advisor and something then something else and....hell, I can't remember anymore.


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