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It's been a long long journey

Well, dreamation is over and so is the exam. Neither went all that perfectly. I didn't get to play in all that many events given the lack of time and the exam was...well, lets not even go there. It was not a pleasant experience.

On the plus side, I did win a free game at dexcon, a copy of Run for your life, Candyman which is basically an evil version of candyland. You're trying to escape from the candy kingdom while beating the snot out of other fleeing characters with things like jawbreaker bombs. I wouldn't have bought a copy on my own or anything, but I won the regional Hex-Hex tournament and it came with prizes. The win also came along with a free ticket to dexcon in the summer and a buy into the final championship, but I gave that to the girl who came in 2nd since I'll already have a free pass as a GM and she would otherwise have to pay 55 dollars to get in. That's my good deed for the weekend which means I need to think of some good sins to commit.

I also picked up a half dozen nightmare before christmas CCG foil cards for running demos, 2.25 prize points for future exchange for goods, a hex-hex metal card coffin, a replacement life-tracker watch, and a handful of gummy fangs that look really creepy. The games I did get a chance to run or play in went well and it was nice to be able to see a lot of the double exposure people again. It's sort of starting to become like a large game group rather than a convention.

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