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Well, it looks like the canadians have elected a new government. They seemed all hopped up about the election but seeing the choice they faced in the election, I'm not sure why. Normally, I'd cheer any liberal loss and conservative win, but as we all know, the names people attach to their parties often dosen't match reality. Otherwise we woudln't have a whole buncha totalitarian republics and facist democracies around the world. As I'm sure we've all been told many, many times by either a Canadian or the news pundits, their conservative party is like the democratic party here in ideology, their liberal party is left of that, and that wankjob NDP apparently makes the green party jokers down here seem conservative. Add a bagful of froggy seperatists to the mix and there's canada's political parties in a nutshell.

People in the US have been arguing for god only knows how long about how things might be better if we had more political parties. Or rather, that we had more viable political parties that can actually win races. I can see the advantages to that, but it also seems to drop into the mix a huge amount of instability. When you have to hammer together a coalition out of all these ideologically diverse elements, it becomes a house of cards. The slightest breeze can knock the whole thing down and into chaos. I'm ecspecially reminded of the Israeli Knesset which seems to have a no-confidence vote ever other month it seems. What took down the the Canadian liberals this time around was another no-confidence vote where their coalition shattered on the rocks of scandal. It just seems sort of ridiculous to set up a governmental system which depends so heavily on a few swing-vote individuals that the entire thing rocks back and forth like a see-saw every day. It's like the Sandra Day O'Connor school of jurisprudence. Lick your finger and put it into the air. That's how things will go on that particular day. It just seems to inspire gridlock and empower fringe nutjobs.

Oh well. In the end the whole election thing probaly won't make much of a difference either way south of the border. It would be nice if canada actually spent some money on their millitary and manned more border crossings, but why would that start now.

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