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Piles and piles of crap

I have way too much shit and not enough space. What I need is some sort of giant compartmentalized lazy susan in which to store all of my games. The closet is stuffed full and the shelves can't take any more weight before they collapse altogether. Add to that the hundreds of books I've got all over the place and stacks of miscellaneous swag, and it's a mess.

The last is sort of what irritates me the most. I've spent god only knows how many fucking hours collecting all of this crap at conventions. I must haul back at least 30 or 40 pounds of crap on average from each con I go to. This includes some free games which are always spiffy, but more often there are things like packs and packs of CCGs that I will never play. Worse, the damn things aren't worth diddily squat. I've got a shitload of L5R, warlord and spycraft boosters sitting around. I also have dozens of promo dnd minis, demo packs of various games, and brik-a-brak galore. Since none of it is really worth anything, I'd get near zilch for selling it. I also can't bear to part with it because of the time and effort I put into gathering it up in the first place. It sucks.

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