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Fucking Typhoid Mary

Well this is just fan-fucking-tastic. I think I've got tuberculosis. I was sitting here answering an email when I thought about the skin test I had done a couple days ago and how I would have to drive out to the hospital tommorrow to start the clinical trial. I noticed that the injection area had swelled up and through the wonders of google found out I was boned. My arm looks pretty much exactly like one of the pictures for a positive PPD result, which means that at some point I was exposed to tuberculosis. If I find out which farging typhoid mary infected me, there will be hell to pay.

Now I've got to spend 90 minutes tommorrow to drive to the hospital only to be told I don't qualify for the study. Christ on a pogo stick that chokes. Not that I really cared about being in the clinical trial, but having to travel 3 hours back and forth for this, not to mention already having had to make one trip out there already and getting stuck with a needle on top of it just pisses me off. Son of a bitch this blows. It's enough to make me want to go out there and cough on some pre-school kids or senior citizens to spread the love around.

The bacteria obviously isn't active or I'd be hacking my lungs out. Apparently only 10% of the people with exposure actually develop the condition. The rest of us just have dormant little bacteria sitting in the lungs somewhere all calmly waiting for some sort of jihadi signal to begin suicide bombings. This sucks.

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