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Happy New Year, Bitches

Well, it's officially the year of the dog. Weee. There was a big celebratory dinner whozit tonight and I think I'll be spending the next few hours digesting still. It was quite a feast. I snapped some pictures so those will eventually make their way onto the journal. It was like some sort of chinese wedding feast with the sheer amount of food.

The day went pretty well. I ran a tournament for the Nightmare Before Christmas CCG today and managed to place first out of 8 people. Score. I even beat the designer of the game which is always a plus. I think that my decks are getting good enough that I would stand a chance at the larger tourneys being held at origins later this year. I'm still sort of worried that the game dosen't seem to be catching on like I had hoped and that it'll die of crib death before it ever really gets rolling. The new expansion is due out in march and that will no doubt cause me to pour a bunch of money into new cards.

After the tourney, I headed off to the gameday with the bills and ran through a game of anno 1853(?) which didn't suck as much as I feared. Managed to eek out a victory and then it was off to dinner.

IF this seems exceptionally choppy it's because I'm tired and not thinking very coherantly. A full stomach and lack of sleep are working together to make me muddleheaded. I think I'm going ot putter around for a few more minutes and then stumble off to bed.

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