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Damn advertising

Went to an outback steak house for the first time ever and saw first hand the effect of a successful marketing campaign. I couldn't help but order one of those blooming onion whozits that I was alwyas seeing on the commercials. The best part is, I generally loathe onions and tolerate onion rings at best. Yet, the darn advertising had programed me to want it anyway. It's sorta funny since usually I have absolutely zilch brand loyalty and marketing dosen't sway me much. I usually just end up buying whatever is cheapest wherever it's cheapest when it comes to most things like books or games or electronics. This is the first real time I can think of (though I'm sure there are subconcious others) where I really wanted something based on seeing it in a commercial without even the slightest clue if I would like it or not.

So what was the final verdict? It was "eh". Nothing to write home about. Surely the anticipation was much more attractive than the final product sitting in front of me. It wasn't awful or anything, but it didn't exactly live up to the hype either. That's always the problem whenever you start anticipating the aquisition of something based on hype or advertising or whatever. The reality is almost always a let down.

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