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Satanic Cat Watch: Day 1025

It's been widely believed that evil corrupts from within until the physical shell becomes marked with the stigma of it. No matter how deeply it is surpressed, like a volcano, darkness bubbles to the surface. Because of this, it should be no surprise that the most evil of all of Satan's minions, cats, are ecspecially succeptable to this form of visable corruption. They will use their demonic gifts to mask these deformaties as much as they can, but even the powers of the lord of darkness has its limits.

You've now heard me bring you the truth of the dire threat we face from the feline minions of hell for months now. I've told you that their devilry is on the rise and the infernal hoards are gathering their strength for a final push to destroy all of humanity. Because of this gathering of infernal power, more and more of the devil cats are failing to keep their disguises. It becomes harder for them to surpress the burning hellfires within them and they start to revert to their demonic aspects. The cat controlled media tries to sell these cases to the public as mutations or normal genetic abnormalities, but they have not blinded some of us to the truth.

In just the past month or two, there have been many instances of cats sporting marks of the prince of lies. These are just inklings of the demonic forms they will assume when the end times come and they lead the abyssal forces of hell against us. Here are just a few:

The Grunt: These monstrosities with the multiple limbs are the least of the cat legion's hellish forces. Like the common infantry soldier, these cats are bred for combat. With multiple limbs, they can more easily cross rough terrain and attack with claws on all sides. Granted by their lord satan with super-human strength and endurance, these are the monstrous creatures that will lead the vanguard of hell's armies.

The Seer: These cats serve the armies of hell as conduits for dark and infernal powers. They are granted supernatural abilities to see the future and channel the power of Satan on our world. Formed into cat covens, these dark sorcerors not only use 'witchcraft' and other occult powers but also serve as acolytes of the satanic church, converting those foolish enough to sell their soul to the devil.

The Shock Troop: Like the two headed trolls or dragons of legend, these monsters possess great power and ferocity. Posessing two faces, it allows them to make quick tearing attacks with two mouths to shred their enemies to pieces. They are fortified with an abyssal strength beyond that of even the average cat and will no doubt be used to crush points of concentrated resistance when the last battle comes.

These are but some of the examples of the hellish legions arrayed against us. If they are unable to keep their demonic aspects hidden, then it must truly be close to the final days. They powers are growing and if we don't see the danger, it might soon be too late for us all.
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