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Only 11.1% to go

Almost managed to get all of Star Trek Enterprise Season 3 downloaded. I've been working on getting all the various eps for that series for weeks now. It's usually slow going since the files are so blooming large and there are usually few people seeding it.

I didn't actually watch the show when it was on UPN, dismissing it as being of little interest. I wanted to see bigger ships, larger weapons, more impressive ship to ship battles, etc and all of that I figured necessitated a jump into the future for a star trek franchise, not a prequel. That and the fact that voyager stank on ice didn't exactly give me confidence that any new series would be better. Having had the oppertunity to watch the first two seasons in order, I have to say that it's been much better than I expected. Certainly, it kicks the living crap out of Voyager. I'm starting to think that what was wrong with voyager is that they had a female captain. It was just unnatural. Sure janeway was pretty manly for a woman, but apparently not manly enough. They should have upped her dose of testosterone.

Anyway, enterprise has been more of a serial storyline rather than episodic, which makes for a better show IMO. All the sci-fi tv shows seem to have adopted that tendancy in part or in whole nowadays. Most notably battlestar galactica is like one gigantic soap opera in space where every plot leads to the next, sorta reminiscent of babylon 5. It gives you a real investment in seeing each episode teasing you along with constant plot hooks and allows for storytelling on a far grander scale.

After this enterprise jaunt, I think I'm finally going to go back and watch firefly/serenity. I've had the shows and movie for a while now but I've been resisting. It goes against my grain sometimes to view something that so many fanboy/girls have raved about. It reminds me of the same sorta crap and eventual disapointment that came with the star wars prequels or the matrix movies past the first.

BTW 11.0% now.

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