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Blasted firefox is pissing me off

I resisted the change to firefox for ages. I had heard geeks aplenty singing its praises but I refused to swap out IE for the longest time. Part of the my resistance was no doubt due to the fact that I hate jumping onto the bandwagon and the more people insist I should, the more I dig in my heels (see: reason I haven't watched firefly yet). As I saw it, IE provided everything I needed in a browser, it let me browse. There were no bells and whistles but then again I didn't need any. With a highspeed connection, everything loaded fast enough and having multiple windows open didn't suck up enough resources to bother me.

I don't even remmeber now what finally got me to switch over, but I've been with firefox ever since. This was probaly around half a year ago or so. The tabbed browsing was much more efficient and I liked certain features like the little download popup menu. Everything has been pretty great with firefox, in that I almost never have to spare it a second thought. I think that in the 6-month period I've run into exactly 1 site that I couldn't access with it, and had to switch back momentarily to IE.

So what's all changed? I upgraded to 1.5 or whatever the newest version is a few weeks ago and ever since, not a single fucking plugin will work. Not flash, not shockwave, not embeded media, etc. It's starting to really piss me off. I've tried reinstalling all the various plugins multiple times. i've also completely reinstalled firefox with no effect. Every time I want to view something multimedia online now I have to copy the link, open up an IE window, pop it in there, and then close it when I'm done. It's really starting to irk the hell out of me.

Has anyone else had this problem? Any ideas for solutions?

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