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Jettison the corpse, Mr Smee

Has anyone else found it sorta odd that on all the various star trek series they just hurl their corpses into space? It seems a bit morbid to me, not to mention disrespectful. I mean, here you are, dead in the line of duty and they stuff you into a torpedo casing and just fire you into space for god knows who to find. There could be aliens out there who do nothing but trail after star fleet vessels and add to their collection of human cadavers by scooping them up as they're fired. It must also be sort of disconcerting for ships flying around looking for savage to pull in one of those figuring that they've found a stray torpedo to find a frozen corpse inside it.

Now, I know there's a long history of burial at sea, but there's a differnece there. I'm sure those coffins are weighted so that they sink to the bottom of the ocean. This way, no one stumbles across a floating cadaver raft. At the bottom of the ocean you can almost guarentee that the thing will never be disturbed and lends some credence to the whole 'rest in peace' at least when it comes to the physical remains. To just shoot the damn thing into space where anyone can run across it seems very disrespectful. They should at least hurl the thing into a sun or something. Also, haven't they considered the hygiene issues of firing cadavers willy nilly? Who knows what could happen if mr corpsy pop slammed into something like a space station and unleashed some disease or the cultural contamination that could occur if certain aliens found it.

It's wrong to jettison corpses.

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