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And the dessert cart rolls on

I haven't watched saturday night live in years. Years and years and years. I'm not sure exactly when it became unbearable for me, but after a while it just wasn't funny anymore. It became one of those situations like MST3k where only a small percentage of the jokes were actually funny. Unlike MST3k where at least they would rapid fire them at you, few things are more annoying than sitting through a 10 minute skit that is so unfunny it's painful.

That being said, there are still a few winners out there and I seem to find them now on viral video feeds. It's nice to know that if SNL does occassionally strike gold, I can scoop it up without having to sit through the dross and slag.

A chocolate city and pandering

We must think of new orleans like a box of crayons. Remembering to discard colors like aquamarine, magenta, and purple because those colors would look terrifying as human skin.


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