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A bath in bleach

Erf. I have no clue how people nowadays can make the decision to become parents. How they're always running around squirting kids out when you see all the crazy crap that's floating around out there. I just stumbled over an article in New York magazine which has a feature on the sexual habits of teenagers and it made my skin crawl. What's really scary is that I'm sure that this situation is viewed as a hippie utopia by many on the left. I read it and all I can see is debauchery, immorality, and a complete lack of responsibility. If their parents knew about this and didn't have their kids STD tested, it'd be unconscionable. Of course, I'll bet that most parents aren't even aware of this and those that are, apparently have abrogated their responsibilities as parents a long time ago.

True, my position on this might be slanted. After all, I'm a pretty staunch conservative and I've never failed to vote republican in ever election I've participated in. I lead ranting charges against hippies and frogs on a regular basis, and I generally loathe them and everything they stand for. That being the case, maybe it's the fact that my bias is just overwhelming me. Certainly it wouldn't be the first time that has happend. I read the article and simply could not help being absolutely horrified.

So lets put it to a test. I know that almost everyone who reads this is left of center (with a couple of people with libertarian tendancies). Hell, I'm not sure that many of you can even find the center with a 10' pole. My friends list seems like a who's who of socialists, leftests, and canadians. I desperately want to believe that the world described in the article is not the norm by any means and that it dosen't take a right-winger to be appalled by it. So all you hippies out there should read the article and then let me know if you think it goes too far or not.

The article is HERE.

Read and please comment. I'm going to sit here and mutter to myself about how the world is going to hell in a handbasket.

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