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When will they invent cybernetic limbs

I think I could use a new left arm. The one I've got aches all the damn time it seems. Something's not quite right with the joint due to another medical condition so it feels much like what I think arthritis would be like. There's also a good among of loss when it comes to range of motion and half the time it's like the thing is dead wood. I mean, I can still move it around and pick up things and whatever, but you tend to not use a limb that aches even when it's not being moved about.

I wonder if I just consciously try to never move the sucker if over the course of years I could get one atrophied and shriveled arm and one normal one. That would be sorta interesting. At least so far they still look the darn same.

Bah. I feel like a car that's past its warranty and everything is breaking down. Soon, all I'm going to be good for are spare parts.

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