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Fucking Nazis always ruin everything

It's always amazing how often the Nazis seem to play a role in non-war movies. They're always running around searching for supernatural whatchamacallits. Look at Indiana Jones for instance. If it wasn't the Ark of the Covenant it was the Holy Grail. According to Wikipedia, they even led an expedition to find the lost city of atlantis at some point. The damn nazis just can't seem to keep their hands off of anything that smacks of mysticism. Of course, there's a basis in fact for that with Hitler's crew and their obsession with that sort of thing, but it's amazing how often they're used in films.

Right now, I'm watching bulletproof monk, which is a Chow Yun Fat kung-fu movie. In it, he's given guardianship over some scroll thingie that has the power to remake the earth into either a paradise or a hell. Of course, instead of just using the damn thing and picking 'paradise', it's one of those mankind is not ready for such a thing stories. Frankly, I don't care if we're ready or not. If it's a choice between heaven or hell with bad guys around pushing for the latter, just pick heaven and get it over it. Just as he's passed the responsibility up in some Tibetan monestary in the middle of nowhere, who shows up but Nazis.

You can't help but think that maybe if they sent these stupid expeditions to the front lines and fought off the russians instead of to the middle of gobbilygook nowhere, they might have won the war. After all, if movies have taught us anything, it's that these sort of superpower relics are never worth it in the end. I mean, look at the holy grail in the indiana jones movie. Eternal life but you've got to stay in some dankass cave for the rest of your life? No thanks. Can you imagine what it would take to run an extension cord to the middle of farging nowhere? Not to mention it's very unlikely you'd ever get a signal on your cell phone out there.

BTW, I watched Mr and Mrs Smith last night and I can't think of when I've enjoyed a movie more in the past year or so. This is coming from a Brad Pitt hater too. The movie was fun, action packed, and very well written and acted. I was very impressed. No wonder hollywood is working on trying to make it a television spinoff. It also has sequel written all over it.

Oh, and watching these sort of kung-fu movies is always sorta depressing. It seems like everyone their elderly grandmother knows how to throw down and bring out the whupass. It always makes me think that I should go out and learn the touch of death or something.

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