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Gross insanity

So late last night as I was browsing around the boardgamegeek forums, I saw that someone had posted about Barnes and Noble having an unpublicized half-off sale on all their board games. In addition to the general crap that's there, like star wars monopoly or the simpsons game of life, they were actually carrying REAL games. I made it a point today to visit the nearby B&N's and pick myself up a crapload of games. That's when the insanity began.

I set off around noon planning, if necessary, to visit up to three seperate stores. They were all within 10 miles or so and relatively close to one another. I figured it would be certain that at least one of them would have a good stash and so off I went.

Nothing at the first Barnes and Noble.

Nothing at the second Barnes and Noble.

Nothing at the third Barnes and Noble.

Shit on a stick. Well, I was out of options for nearby stores and headed back home feeling sort of pissy. Everything had been cleaned out and when I checked on the BG site, I noticed that a couple other people in the area had posted how they had bought what they wanted already. No doubt I was just slow on the draw. The more i read about others' success in getting the games the more obsessive I became. It wasn't long before I was back on the B&N website looking for other stores further away. I plotted the directions to two more locations and set off just as rush hour was beginning.

Nothing at the 4th Barnes and Noble.

Nothing at the 5th Barnes and Noble.

FUCK! At this point I got smart and simply asked the person at the store to check if any location actually had anything in stock. DING! Turns out there was one with the games but even further out. I ended up driving home, looking up the directions and set off again, this time right into the middle of rush hour. I wasn't expecting much from the store since a lot of the titles I had asked the clerk to search for had come up with zilch. All she could find was 1 game and at that point I wanted that game more than anything. The truly depraved part about this is, I already have a copy of it that I've never even played before. It had become like a grudge match between me and hte universe.

So off I drive looking for this store as its getting dark and manage to get myself lost. So here I am wandering around in the car looking for a barnes and noble that I can't find. Borders and Waldenbooks everywhere but not what I needed. I ended up having to park and go into a mall to ask directions from the schlubs at the cell phone vender stall.

I finally arrive at the 6th Barnes and Noble and Ka-ching! It was like a gamestore had exploded. All sorts of games. By this point I had been pushed over the boundary of rational thought. All I could feel was covetous greed. I scooped up a gigantic pile of games and staggered with it to the register. I also ended up buying something like 8 HC books from the discount rack while I was at it. I finally carry my haul to the car, get it all loaded up and find myself regretting that I didn't buy more. I should mention at this point that I had ended up buying 2 copies of games I ALREADY HAD in addition to a crap load of others I didn't even know if I wanted. It was on sale, I had suffered to get access to it, I was going to buy the mother fucker. I ended up going back into the store and grabbing another pile of games (including a 2nd copy of one of the games I already had). Trying to carry the entire thing up the stairs just now nearly snapped my arms off like twigs there was so much weight.

I need an intervention.

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