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Another day of whoring myself

It was the boardgame meetup and I was off whoring myself for game companies again. I really think I've got to stop doing this, or at least cut back a bit. It's getting a bit ridiculous when it becomes almost like a part time job. I go to cons and run these games over and over and even at gaming groups I run the same games over and over. It's just been all playroom and all NBC all the time.

It's not all that bad when people appreciate and enjoy the game. Overall, I've had very good luck demoing playroom's games to people. Almost everyone likes them without exception and a good chunk immediately ask where they can go to purchase it. In fact, just today I had two people who asked where they could buy two of the games I ran. I was able to direct them to a local game store and that gave me the warm fuzzies.

When the people don't like the game though, it becomes a real pain in the ass chore. I've yet to demo the NBC CCG to anyone who hasn't been lukewarm about it at best. I just can't seem to get any person to play it and really enjoy it. Partly the problem is that the people old enough to remember the movie are no longer, or have never been CCG players. That means the damn thing is often too complex for them and they give up before I'm even past the basic intro. The people who are familiar with CCGs have never heard of the movie. This means that there's often no incentive for them to want to see more and get involved when there are so many games already in existance for them to play. It's infuriating quite frankly.

The only plus side is that I bumped into two people at the meetup today who already are NBC players and said they would bring their decks the next time around. I'm going to see if I can make a tourney of that, even if I can only count on 3 people showing up in the end. I'm sick of running through the starter decks for people who generally seem to loathe the game. They could at least show some good manners and feign some interest.

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