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Alrightly, who knows someone who knows someone who knows someone...... who lives in Largo, Florida? I need someone to go over there and run a collections op for me. I traded a game on BGG around 6 weeks ago and while I mailed my game and was told it was received, the other guy has not reciprocated. I've been waiting and waiting and he's basically stopped responding to PMs on the site. So who wants to volunteer to drive down to florida and knock on his door for me 1? He claimed in the last communication I had from him that he had messed up the postage and the package had been returned to him. Since he had been out of town, he wasn't able to remail it until around 3 weeks ago. Obviously, I should have received it by now and still notta.

I don't think I really have any options left that I can think of. I tried to get his telephone # off of those online whitepages but the results didn't cough up anything. If it was a little closer, I'd be tempted to drive down there.

1: and if he dosen't cough up the game, kick his ass. 2

2: or at least get mine back.

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