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Happy Birthday Bill

So today was Bill M's birthday party and we had it at the resturant. They had mentioned wanting to go to a mongolian BBQ for his birthday a while back and so it seemed like a kismet sort of thing. Around a dozen people made it to the event and it didn't seem to make a big difference that it was superbowl sunday. Not to play into stereotypes but everyone more or less figured that would be the case. As arthur put it, it would have been a different story if it were oscar night or something.

I have zilch interest in the superbowl personally (or the Oscars for that matter) and never have. Frankly, football in general has always bored me to death. The fact that I can't find the ball half the time no doubt has something to do with it. It's almost as bad as hockey, which from my perspective seems to just be a bunch of people skating around frantically for no apparent reason. I miss the laser-puck whozit. At least that made it possible for me to tell where the darn thing was and sorta made it like a video game. Maybe they should consider that for next year's superbowl. A laser ball for tv audiences.

Even the commercials don't really interest me. It seems sorta ridiculous that people spend all this time and energy to actually watch someone else's advertisements. It's like the morons who go and buy gap-brand t-shirts or any piece of clothing which is just a giant advertisement for the store. They should be paying you and not the reverse. It's just idiocy to be a walking billboard. Of course, I say that as I've got a closet full of gaming and convention shirts. But that's different damnit. That's fandom.

Anyway, I have some pictures from Bill's birthday that I'm going to put behind a cut. I bought him a copy of Return of the Heroes, a boardgame that he had expressed some interest in. I own a copy myself and have never gotten around to playing it. I figure that now that he has a copy too, there's a good chance that I'll actually get to see if the game is any good at some point.

So here's a shot of everyone. Well, except me of course since I'm behind the camera. From front left to front right. Isaiah, Steve, Bill S, George, Andrea, Kath, Bob, Randy, Bill M, Dave, Lori, Arthur. It's probaly as big a group as ever gathers more or less. After we finished eating the people who didn't have to go yet joined in on a big game of Bang!. I had just bought a set of expansion cards and wanted to give it a whirl. Things sort of went south with what seemed to be a broken card, which only just now I find on their website was misprinted. Oh well. We'll know better next time.

So here's Bill and Bill. We made him wear the Chef hat. It's a tradition thing of sorts there.

Here's everyone that was left after the game of Bang!

And one last picture of Bill and Bill together.

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